Data Analysis: Unveiling Opportunities

Data Diversification: At Group Technologies & Exports, we tap into a diverse array of data sources, including historical tick and candle data. For targeted scans, we develop specialized data-driven scanners that leverage financial data to create strategic shortlists based on customizable parameters.

Precision Preprocessing: Our data preprocessing ensures accuracy and reliability. While our data is sourced from trusted brokers or authorized exchange resellers, we further enhance it by meticulously addressing outliers and reconstructing missing data, aligning the dataset with your strategy's requirements.

The Strategy Unveiled

Tailored Insights: The heart of our strategy development process lies in translating data-driven insights into executable algorithms. Your rules, whether founded on technical indicators, fundamental analysis, candle patterns, or derivatives data, form the blueprint for constructing your unique trading strategy.

Parameterized Flexibility: When identifying entry and exit conditions, position sizing, risk management, and timeframes, we ensure every factor is customizable. We maintain a clear separation between functional code and parameter values, empowering you to adapt and fine-tune your strategy as market dynamics evolve.

Rigorous Backtesting and Optimization

Validating Performance: Backtesting is our compass for strategy validation. Constructed to align with your requirements, our backtesting systems rigorously evaluate your trading algorithms. We consider essential criteria like drawdown, win rate, profit per trade, and brokerage charges to gauge strategy viability and effectiveness.

Strategic Optimization: Leveraging an array of parameter values, our backtest systems explore optimization avenues. We present you with results, enabling you to make informed decisions about the final set of parameters that best align with your trading objectives.

Risk Management in Focus

Embedded Risk Management: Every algorithm we develop prioritizes risk management. We ensure timely exits at the end of the trading day (EOD) and meticulously monitor order status to safeguard your positions. Risk management is an inherent feature of our solutions, protecting your investments and amplifying your trading confidence.

Measuring Success: Metrics that Matter

Performance Insights: Our commitment to your success extends to robust performance metrics. Backtest systems are equipped to analyze key indicators including profitability, drawdown, Sharpe ratio, and other vital measures. These insights provide a comprehensive view of your strategy's effectiveness, enabling informed decision-making.

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