Content Management System (CMS)
Tools & Technologies: JDK, JavaMail, Tomcat, mySQL and Microsoft VB6.0

This is a unique CMS that provides a WYSIWYG HTML development environment complete with all the basic HTML elements like text, text area, text box, image, button, check box, radio button, etc. This generates an HTML code that can be replaced by the user by just sending an email in a specified format. The server that receives this email, establishes an FTP connection to the hosting server, retrieves the target page, makes the changes and places back the changed page on the server. It can additionally delete files, place new files and even generate a new mail each time a change is made to a predetermined list of users.

CADMEC Workflow Management Tool
Tools & Technologies: ASP, Microsoft Access 2000, JavaScript, IIS

An intranet tool for creating, managing, assigning and monitoring the progress of any constituent of a project namely - Project, Subproject or task. The Admin module is responsible for creating the projects & subprojects and for defining the tasks. The employee module shows the task assignment and progress made by an individual employee. Any task can be set to initialize another task or sub-project. Extensive use of JavaScript has been done to show the constituents in tree form.

LAN Messenger
Tools & Technologies: Mirosoft VisualC++

This is an MSN style instant messenger for Microsoft Windows based networks. It supports standard MSN operations such as instant messaging, file transfer, contact blocking, message notification , user notification, etc. To make the software easy to use, this LAN messenger's interface is very similar to MSN including the icons.

CallerID OCX for CAPI 2.0 (ISDN Modems)
Tools & Technologies: Microsoft VisualC++

This is an OCX that works with CAPI 2.0 (ISDN Modems) and displays the phone number of the calling party. In addition it also supports 
> real time voice transmission / communication
> Indication/Request/Response communication with user program  
> Time independent operation with own threads  
> Multiple connections at the same time  
> Voice file transmit and receive  
> Data cross transmission between multiple lines  
> Own DTMF detection

Audio / Voice Chat (Voice Over IP)
Tools & Technologies: JavaSound, JavaMediaFramework and Java Servlets thru' Tomcat

With conferencing applications, remote and same location attendees can convene over an IP network by PC for a fraction of today's group conference telephony costs. Voice conferencing provides a more integrated and efficient experience than a traditional conference call - participants can know who is online, whom they are talking to, and who would like to speak next. This user-friendly solution is optimal for corporate customer meetings, internal sales meetings, analyst calls and press conferences. The key to the performance of this tool over the Internet is the use of RTP protocol and encoding the voice in MPEG Layer 3, GSM and ADPCM formats. It is upgradeable to Video Chat (using a web camera) with some simple changes.

Tools & Technologies: Microsoft Visual Basic 6.0, Rational Rose, Microsoft Access ?97

This Application works as a spider for used car dealers who have to search for the cars quite frequently. This Web Robot queries the database of the search engines specified, extracts the information, and stores results in the database for future use. This helps the car dealer for the faster access to the database of the search engine and helps them for the comparison of the cars. This Web Robot has facility of searching 10 sites with multiple combinations like type, model, price, make and many more. These applications can automatically search the database of the search engine with any number of the filter, and one filter may contain and combination of the search criteria.

Email Management System
Tools & Technologies: JDK, Tomcat and JavaMail API

This is a complete, highly customizable email solution which includes client mailing system, a mailing server and the feature that allows checking emails straight off the server (web mail) using any cookies enabled browser. Users can also specify a list of originating addresses and websites whose emails are not acceptable and are to be rejected (Black listed).

Database Synchronization, Migration and Development Tool
Tools & Technologies: Microsoft Visual Basic6.0 and Microsoft Access 2000

This forms an integral part of the database manipulation tool. This code handles, calculates, synchronizes two databases and/ or tables. Additionally, it can also save the structures of the database and / or tables in text files. It has the ability to completely handle the MS Access security features (MDW files). The structure can then be used for creation and/or migration of the database.

Image & Document Thumbnail Viewer
Tools & Technologies: Microsoft Visual Basic6.0 and Microsoft Access2000

It is an ActiveX control that can show images as thumbnails either from the specified folder or from a database table. The size of the thumbnail, label, back color, fore color, border style, etc can be set. There is also the functionality of selecting multiple images and event handling. It is set to handle image formats like BMP, JPEG, GIF, WMF, DWG along with document formats like DOC, XLS, DOT, XLT, PPT, HTML, PDF, RTF, TXT, etc.

Tools & Technologies: Microsoft FrontPage2000, Microsoft Access2000 and Microsoft Visual Interdev

This is an ASP site that provides for exchange of electronic plant catalogues. There is also an internal site for user management and changing the language texts in the database.

Browser Tied To Hard-Disk Serial ID
Tools & Technologies: Microsoft Visual Basic6.0

This is a full screen web browser that is hard coded to display a predefined URL only if the hard-disk serial ID matches with the predefined hard disk serial code.

Anti-spam ASP Routines
Tools & Technologies: Microsoft FrontPage2000 and IIS

ASP routines for an anti-spam service that allows the users to block spam emails from specified addresses and/or containing specified list of words.

Shopping site CFML Routines
Tools & Technologies: ColdFusion, Microsoft Access2000 and JavaScript

CFML routines for an e-commerce website.

SHAB Tools
Tools & Technologies: Sun JDK, Microsoft Access2000 and PDFDocs PDF Text Extraction Library

It is a set of three tools to identify the newly formed and registered entities in Switzerland ( and collect their information from publicly available information. The first tool extracts information from publicly available PDF documents and places the name and other details in a database. The second tool then uses the information to gather the telephone and fax numbers. The third tools queries publicly available records for the domains registered by these entities and their current status.

Tools & Technologies: Linux, Apache Webserver, MySQL and PHP

Programming and development of the website to display Indian offshore software services' providers. It also includes an administration section to allot, edit and save user profiles. It also controls the access and imposes pre-determined time limit for any provider depending on the duration for which the payment was received via a cron job.

Tools & Technologies: Microsoft FrontPage, Microsoft Access, IIS and Active Server Pages (ASP)

ASP routines to convert the website from static to dynamic by adding database interactivity and processing of the orders.

Net Mail Enhancer (NME)
Tools & Technologies: Novell Netware, Novell Netmail, Microsoft Windows, Linux (SuSe Enterprise), C/C++

This is an advanced spam control and managing tool that works on the basis of rules on Windows, Netware and Linux. It has capabilities to scan for virus, white lists, black lists, spam marking, etc. It is extremely fast and has very small memory footprint. It includes a web module for management of the system - and starting and stopping various agents. 

Hotel Reservation System and Web Showcase
Tools & Technologies: Microsoft Active Server Pages (ASP), Microsoft IIS, Microsoft Windows, Microsoft Front Page, Adobe Photoshop

A web based portal that displays the hotels, their rooms with views and photos and allows the users to search for rooms on the basis of their needs. Based on the search results, the users can make reservations and cancellations. Users have the option of paying by checks and credit cards. The Administrator of the portal has the ability to control other hotels' display, and the portal provides each of the hotel Administrator to control the bookings and customers.

Sage Ridge Meal (Lunch) Reservation and Ordering System
Tools & Technologies: Microsoft IIS, Microsoft Windows, Microsoft FrontPage, Microsoft Active Server Pages (ASP)

This system is for Sageridge School, Reno, USA. Parents and guardians of the students can order the Lunch that would be served in the school  to their wards. Payment is received through cash or checks. Administration of the system controls the user registration, vendors and also the menu for any particular day. There are also student and vendor reports. The database allows development of any type of report in the future.

Yacht Bazar
Tools & Technologies: Dreamweaver, Linux / Windows, Apache, PHP, mySQL, Adobe Photoshop, Javascript, Microsoft Visual Basic

A web based portal that displays boats and yachts, gives details about marinas, provides a trading platform for selling and buying boats. It has yacht renting and reservation, advertising module, offer creation module, advertisement management module and roles. The offline offer creation and modification module allows manipulation of the offers. It has a completely skinnable interface and so it can be re-branded and reused under a different brand and name though essentially the database still remains the same.

Tools & Technologies: Linux, Apache, mySQL, PHP, Adobe Photoshop, OSCommerce

A Jewellery display cum online web shopping site complete with shopping cart, order processing, tracking, description management, item management, etc. Payment acceptance is through Paypal, Credit Cards and Checks.