Offshore Outsourcing is a rapidly growing practice in this economy because organizations are constantly required to deliver products or revise their techniques fast, without compromising their quality standards and changing or upgrading internal resources. For this reason, worldwide many companies are looking at India for their outsourcing needs. This is all the more evident in the field of Information Technology.

GTE delivers quality offshore software development services at prices that helps increase the customers' profitability and allows them to focus to more pressing and skillful tasks. We are based in India where there is abundance of resources. This allows us to scale up rapidly (leveraging on the plentiful supply of talent and thus cutting down on execution time) at costs that are on an average 80% cheaper.

Reasons for offshore outsourcing:

Outsourcing allows you to concentrate and perform activities that you do best. This also allows you to concentrate on the core area of competence and use existing man-power for those tasks that need more concentration.

Minimize the cost of operation by cost cutting and not investing in infrastructure and man-power that is needed for only a short period. The operational costs can be reduced by more than 75%.

There is also tremendous saving by not investing in training man-power and by totally by-passing the learning curve.

Cut costs, save time and effort. This allows reaching the markets far and wide and that too before competition reaches!