We realize that information technology (IT) and software outsourcing customers increasingly need flexibility in services to fulfill their dynamic business, commerce needs and ever growing business requirements. We provide models and options to suit any offshore software development need for most organizations-

Fixed Time and Cost Business Model

This offers low-risk and very simple option to the customers. This is specially applicable to those development needs where the specifications of the project are reasonably clear and the customers know what they want and are more or less sure about the path that is to be followed. This model clearly outlines and answers the scope, time, cost, deliverables and ownership issues. This model is very effective for short term projects, typically of less than two months' duration.

Cost per Unit Time Business Model

This offers an opportunity to truly utilize the cost advantage that India offers. Customers can enter into a rate contracts and long term agreements for some pre-decided period with us. This is specially useful for activities like regular website maintenance, website maintenance resources, website development and maintenance, regular website maintenance service, web support operations, application development, web development, email processing, image processing, data processing and text processing / manipulations, etc that will take more than two months to complete. We offer massive discounts for long term development agreements that can help do away the competition.